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MS Office 2003 Office attachments

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I manage a small office of 4-5 PC's running Windows XP. I recently bought a Dell Vostro 3500 laptop for the office running Windows 7. I ran into a problem where emails from Outlook 2003 with small Word/Excel attachments take about 1 minute to send. These are small attachments 40K - 90K. If I zip the attachment the file goes out in a few seconds. I send a text file it also goes out in a few seconds. I removed the anti-virus (Symantec) from the laptop but this didn't resolve the problem. I decided to downgrade the laptop to WIndows XP in case there was some WIndows 7 permission causing an issue. All the other PC's in the office are running Symantec, Windows XP and MS Office 2003 so I figured it might be just some Windows 7 issue. After downgrading to Windows XP and without any Symantec installed the Outlook 2003 still delays when sending Word/Excel attachments, zip files/text files of a similar size go out fine. I've Googled, tried various settings but can't find a solution. I'd appreciate any ideas.

Thank you

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