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Cannot find an installed EXE file

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I have installed the Evince document viewer on Vista 32 bit, and installed LyX as well. I cannot find where the Evince document viewer binary is, so I can add that as the default DVI and PDF viewer in LyX preferences. I cannor even run Evince from a command prompt, but it is installed and only runs from a desktop icon or the start menu. How can I find out the path and filename for this program please?

Under Linux if I start to type a command then hit the tab key twice quicly, I get a completion list of all the runable programs. Is there such a thing under Vista ?

Jed ;)


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If you have a desktop icon for the app, that works, you should be able to right click the desktop shortcut and select properties and find out where it is pointing to. If that doesn't work for some reason, I would install the Everything search engine - site is here http://www.voidtools.com/ - and use that to search your computer to find anything you want that is anywhere on your computer. If it's there, it will find it. FAST

Cheers and Regards

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Thanks for that heads-up bphlpt. Brilliant piece of software! :)

I was going round in circles trying to find the evince.exe file using Double Commander.

I have found the exe file for evince now, in a very odd place, so the exe does not appear in the default search path.

I'm out of file upload space as well, so here are two links to show what I found using Everything. ET only took 1 minute to index all of my Vista C:\ drive.

Everything Window:


Command Prompt:



Evince defaults to installing in a local User directory. So I uninstalled it, and re-installed it system wide, under C:\Program Files\Evince-xxx\ so it was available to all users.

I then added the Evince \bin installation directory to the PATH environment variable, and this allows the evince.exe binary to be found and run, now it's in the PATH variable.

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Thanks for that jaclaz.

Everything is working well, but I'll check them out sometime soon as well.

Jed :)


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