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"Open With" list order - any way to change the order?

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"Open With" list order - any way to change the order?

IF! things happen by logic in digital-land,

surely someone by now has discovered a way to change the order of programs in the "Open With" list / menu ??

I've tried renaming the intended targets in the Registry (a, b, c, d, etc),

along with changing their order in the MRU registry entry for the same file extension - but no luck yet.

I understand how to delete &/or add programs using several of the Registry keys -

since it's a bit different for files than folders.

This isn't a do-or-die situation,

just one more little instance of hoping to master my own work-a-day digital environment ~

Anyone can help? Thanks very much !

I'm on XP Pro sp3 ~

(i tried multiple searches before posting, but no luck -

if the answer does already live here, kindly point me to it :D )

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