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DIY: Wait For a Mouse Event

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Description: Wait For a Mouse Event (Useful for Your Batch Programming)Screenshot:

Please follow step-by-step as the screenshot shown below:

Note:DEBUG is an internal DOS command.

* There was a small mistake in the screenshot shown below. It should be 0Eh bytes instead of 0Ch bytes when specifying for CX register.


100 MOV AX,0003
103 INT 33 // Mouse Interrupt Call
105 CMP BX,01 // Left Mouse Click?
108 JNZ 0100 // Loop
10A MOV AH,4C // Exit to DOS
10C INT 21

You will notice new CLICK.COM file in the directory.

After you run this tiny program, you have to click using your left mouse button on any part of the screen in order to continue (or return to command prompt)

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