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Installing office 2003

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can't seem to atach the file so here it is...


  <hidewindow>Windows Update</hidewindow>


  <show total='4' after='2' />

  <font face='Tahoma' antialias='true' small='6' large='8' />

  <window width='380' position='8' fixmain='0' />



 	 <header back='#003399' fore='#FFFFFFAA' image='%XPLODE%\images\head.png' />

 	 <footer back='#003399' fore='#FFFFFFAA' image='%XPLODE%\images\foot.png' />

 	 <progress border='#FFFFFFAA' back='#00000000' fore='#FFFFFFAA' />	

 	 <main back='#4A6FD6' fore='#FFFFFFAA' current='#FF8000' description='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\main.png' overlay='#FFFFFF22'/>



 	 <!-- main XPlode string -->

 	 <title>Post-Install Configuration</title>


 	 <!-- adduser plugin strings -->

 	 <adduser>Adding user #1#</adduser>

 	 <addusertogroup>Adding user #1# to group #2#</addusertogroup>

 	 <addgroup>Adding group #1#</addgroup>    

 	 <!-- file/dir ops plugin strings -->

 	 <copy>Copying #1# (#2#/#3# - #4#)</copy>

 	 <move>Moving #1# (#2#/#3# - #4#)</move>

 	 <delete>Deleting #1# (#3#)</delete>




  <item display='Adding users and groups...'>

 	 <!-- note the different use of quotes due to the data held in them -->

 	 <adduser username='User' password='123456' groups='Administrators "Adminitrators"' fullname='New User' comment="Don't mess with the best!" />


  <!-- <item display='Registry Tweaks'>

 	 exactly the same format as a *.reg file

 	 <registry display='Tweaks being installed...' method='write'>



    "Working"="Yes it is!"

 	 </registry> -->


    read from reg


    in key Software\voidFX

    get value from item "Working"

    and export to %VOIDFX%


    Will ONLY work with string values. Supported hives are HKLM, HKCU, HKCR.


 	 <!--<registry display='Setting up environment' method='read' hive='HKLM' key='Software\voidFX' item='Working' variable='VOIDFX' />

 	 <registry display='Cleaning up...' method='write'>

 	 ; Remove the key...



  </item> -->


  <!-- <item display='Testing command handler...'>

 	 <example regtest='%VOIDFX%'>Internal data gets stuck in here....</example>



  <item display='Copying Post-Installation Files'>

 	 <dircopy directory='%SOURCEPATH%\PostInstall' target='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\' />

 	 <dirmove directory='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\PostInstall' target='D:\PostInstall' />

 	 <dirdelete directory='D:\PostInstall' />

 	 <filecopy source='%SOURCEPATH%\I386\OEMBIOS.BI_' target='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\OEMBIOS.BI_' />

 	 <filemove source='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\OEMBIOS.BI_' target='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\TMP.BI_' />

 	 <filedelete source='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\TMP.BI_' />



  <item display='.NET Framework 1.1'>

 	 <execute display='Installing .NET Framework 1.1...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\dotnet\dotnetfw.exe' arguments='' />


  <item display='DirectX 9.0b'>

 	 <execute display='Installing DirectX...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\DX9b\dx9ntopk.exe' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' />


  <item display='Data Access Components'>

 	 <execute display='Installing MDAC...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\PostInstall\MDAC\MDAC.exe' arguments='' />


  <item display='Windows Media Player 9 and Movie Maker 2'>

 	 <execute display='Installing Media Player...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\mm2_wmp9\WMP9_MM2_ENU.exe' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' />


  <item display='Windows Messenger 6.1'>

 	 <execute display='Installing Windows Messenger...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\msn6\MsnMsgs.msi' arguments='/qn REBOOT=Suppress' />


  <item display='Journal Viewer'>

 	 <execute display='Installing Journal Viewer...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Journal\jviewer.exe' arguments='' />


  <item display='Sun Java VM'>

 	 <execute display='Installing SUN Java VM...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\PostInstall\SunJava\j2re-1_4_2_03-windows-i586-p.exe' arguments='/s /v"/qn ADDLOCAL=jrecore IEXPLORER=1"' />


  <item display='Installing Hotfixes'>

 	 <execute display='Applying 828028...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB828028.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 810217...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB810217.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 815021...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB815021.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 826939...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB819639.exe' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 820291...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB820291.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 821253...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB821253.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 822603...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB822603.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 823182...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB823182.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 824105...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB824105.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 824141...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB824141.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 825119...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB825119.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 816939...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB826939.exe' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 826942...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB826942.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 828026...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB828026.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 828035...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB828035.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 829558...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB829558.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 832353...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\KB832353.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 322011...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q322011.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 810272...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q810272.exe' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 322069...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\q322069.exe' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 327979...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q327979.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 330994...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q330994.EXE' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 810243...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q810243.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 810272...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q810272.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 811114...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q811114.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 813951...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\q813951.exe' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 814995...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q814995.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 822925...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\q822925.exe' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 832894...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q832894.EXE' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 828026...'  program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q828026.EXE' arguments='/Q /O /N /Z' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 828750...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q828750.EXE' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' />

 	 <execute display='Applying 832483...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\Q832483.EXE' arguments='/C:"dahotfix.exe /q /n" /q' />

 	 <execute display='Applying HU1002_PRO...'  program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\HU1002_PRO.EXE' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' />

 	 <execute display='Applying JS56NEN...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\JS56NEN.EXE' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' />

 	 <execute display='Applying HMTCDWizard...'	program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\Hotfixes\HMTCDWizard_enu.exe' arguments='/qn ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress' />	

 	 <execute display='Installing QFECheck...'  program="%SOURCEDRIVE%\PostInstall\Hotfixes\282784.EXE" arguments="/Q /O /N /Z" /> 

 	 <execute display='Running QCHAIN...' 	 program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\PostInstall\Hotfixes\QCHAIN.EXE' arguments='' />


  <item display='Registry Tweaks'>

 	 <execute display='Applying tweaks...' program='regedit' arguments='/s "%SOURCEDRIVE%\PostInstall\regfiles\RegTweak.reg"' />

 	 <execute display='Installing HKLM...' program='regedit' arguments='/s %SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\regfiles\HKLM.reg' />

 	 <execute display='Installing HKCU...' program='regedit' arguments='/s %SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\regfiles\HKCU.reg' />

 	 <execute display='Installing HKCC...' program='regedit' arguments='/s %SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\regfiles\HKCC.reg' />

 	 <execute display='Installing HKUS...' program='regedit' arguments='/s %SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\regfiles\HKUSERS.reg' />

 	 <!--<execute display='Installing Office RunOnceExc...' program='regedit' arguments='/s %SOURCEDRIVE%\postinstall\regfiles\office.reg' />-->


  <item display='Acrobat Reader 6'>

 	 <execute display='Acrobat Reader 6...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\Apps\AdobeReader6\AR6.msi' arguments='/QB' />


  <item display='Nero 6.3.02'>

 	 <execute display='Nero 6.3.02...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\Apps\Nero\nero6302.exe' arguments='/silent /noreboot' />


  <item display='Flash and Shockwave Players'>

 	 <execute display='Flash and Shockwave Players...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\Apps\Flash-Shockwave\Flash_Shockwave_Full.exe' arguments='/s' />


  <item display='Norton Systemworks 2003'>

 	 <execute display='Norton Systemworks 2003...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\Apps\NSW2003\nsw.msi' arguments='/QB' />


  <item display='Codecs video and sound'>

 	 <execute display='Codecs video and sound...' program='%systemroot%\system32\register.cmd' arguments='' />


  <item display='Office 2003'>

 	 <execute display='Installing Office 2003...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\Apps\office2003\setup.exe' arguments='TRANSFORMS=%SOURCEDRIVE%\apps\office2003\Unattended.MST /qb-' />




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    CODE tags people, CODE tags!

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later after i finish my other computer, I'll set up a test ISO trying to comply with as much of your structure as i can make out.

I'll see why it won't work, as it should.
As for Office, I'll look in to that second if that's alright with you
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Alright, that's it for the site for now. Now on to the next project....which could concievable replace the current site :)



    CODE tags people, CODE tags!

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strange....I only got two options working via CMDLINES.TXT

one would be through a batch file, that then calls XPlode.

another is put XPlode.exe and the .xpd files in $OEM$\$$ and then in cmdlines.txt put XPlode.exe without a path.

Strange though....i have not idea why it would do this.

Man, guess that howto needs some major updating. It was written with regards to XPinstall not XPlode. All those methods worked with XPinstall. Strange....very strange.....

just ran this in CMDLINES.TXT
"C:\Install\XPlode.exe /xml:#XPlode#\test.xml /log:#SYSTEMDRIVE#\XPlode.log"

and that run XPlode.exe. Strange that it didn't like the system variable

Also on some TechNet article i was looking through trying to research CMDLINES.TXT, it said that any installs need to not configure for multiple users. Examples were Office 95 (it was an old article). But maybe thats why Office 2003 doesn't work from CMDLINES.TXT but does from GUIRunOnce (thats when I run my programs. I install driver stuff at CMDLINES.TXT)
Welcome to the Forum! Please READ Me!!
Alright, that's it for the site for now. Now on to the next project....which could concievable replace the current site :)



    Face it...

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Alan thx again for testing and debugging.
I just run a series of test from cmdlines.txt and indeed it does not like the %systemdrive% var. as well.
I tried with c:\install\xplode.exe and it worked.
I did when I used .\xplode.exe in my cmdlines.txt the xplode files under %OEM% so it could find XPlode. Maybe I was not clear the first time.

I tried Office again with other parameters but stills end with an uninstall.
<item display='Office 2003'>
<execute display='Installing Office 2003...' program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\Apps\office2003\setup.exe' arguments='TRANSFORMS=%SOURCEDRIVE%\apps\office2003\Unattended.mst/qb-' />
<item display='Microsoft Office 2003'>
 <execute display='Installiere Office...'program='%SOURCEDRIVE%\APPS\OFFICE2003\setup.exe' arguments='/QB-! /noreboot PIDKEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' />
I include the office log here if someone gets some more info out of them….

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