Windows Update Downloader not finding UL?

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Hey guys I have a question. I downloaded Windows Update Downloader and the windows 7 ulz file from December 2011. I don't understand what I am doing wrong but when I start the program it tells me that it does not find a .ul file.

I put both the .ulz and the .ul file in the same folder as the program and it does nothing.

When I click on the plus sign it always brings me to this page

and when I click on the Update Lists there is no option for Windows 7.

How do I put this UL file in the program so it sees it and I can download the updates?



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I'm guessing you have installed Windows Update Downloader...but you need also to install the ULZ file.

Double clicK on it and wait the message box saying "Compressed UL File installed".

Launch the program and download the updates you want!

You can set the program and the ULZ File at the root of your HDD (example)


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