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Update install order

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mclone    0

Hi, I'm interested in maintaining my own ULZ file for a specific XP machine, and I am also concerned about the order of their addition since there are several patches which do not appear on Windows Update until others have been installed. I have thought up two main ways to handle this:

1. Keep WUD's existing folder output structure, but edit the ULZ to prepend each local filename with an incrementing number (so that they can easily be re-ordered in another utility, in this case nLite).

2. Manually track the updates that appear/are installed in each session, and create a ULZ list for each iteration, so set 1, set 2, etc., and then integrating updates from one iteration at a time.

Will these ideas work? Is there a better solution?

edit: After some further reading, I can probably answer my own question. it would appear that the order (for XP) MAY be important depending on the update, since obviously one can't install a service pack for .NET without first installing .NET. It appears nLite will integrate by the order the updates are shown, and that the column headers can be clicked to sort by that field. That's great because most of the hotfixes have an entry in the Date field, which should resolve most issues. Using the default WUD XP-SP3 list however, there are several updates which are not dated. I'mm have to see if those are the ones it's giving me errors on...

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