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Hi people I have a question that I cant seem to answer

I have done some tests and it seems tho that when u update a driver and choose a sub folder in a custom path that it doesnt find the driver?

example when choosing the folder for drivers


is there a way for it to look in sub folders





Any help is appreciated



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There is usually a checkbox to include sub folders. What OS are you using?


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I am using windows xp sp3

here is the exact process:

load windows

right click my computer - manage - device mananger

then right click item that needs driver and choose update driver

I choose "no not at this time" next

"install from list or specific location" next

I choose search removable media and "include this location in the search"

then browse to my drivers folder on flash drive

I don't see any option for selecting sub folders so i assumed it did it automatically but there are times i have to go deeper into other folders

not a big deal but it would be nice just to choose the one folder

thanks for any help


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