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bobthenob    0

hi in my winnt.sif i set my full name and org name

right click on my computer and the data i set is correct Registered to Mr Smith.

but in the documents and settings the documents folder is owner

can i set this to be the same as the full name .Thanks For Looking






ProductKey="O_ No_U_Dont"
ComputerName = "comp"
FullName = "Mr"
OrgName = "Smith"




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vipejc    0

The Owner folder is created by OEM Windows. You can either delete your account and create a new one with your name, or copy the data from your old profile and paste it to your new profile. The Owner folder is persistent and will be recreated in time, even with a registry tweak. So when you see it again, just leave it alone. Here's how to copy your old profile data to a new profile:

Create a new user account:

Go to Control Panel.

Click User Accounts tool.

Select the Create A New Account link.

Give the account a name and click Next.

NOTE: Ensure that the account type is Computer Administrator. (You can see the option button displayed in the process.)

Click Create Account button.

Log off the current account and log in to the new account. This will create a user profile for the new account. When the user profile creation procedure is complete, log off the account.

Log in to the old account again and perform the following:

Right-click My Computer and select Properties.

Select the Advanced tab.

Click the Settings button in the User Profiles section.

Select the user account that was corrupted.

Click the Copy To button.

Click the Browse button and then browse For Folder dialog box to locate the Documents and Settings folder and select the new account.

A confirmation dialog box should appear that informs you the original files will be deleted and prompts you to confirm the copy operation; click Yes.

Once the profile is copied, log off the system and log in again with the new username. All the settings of the old account will be copied.

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