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Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

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In other news -- I'm no networking expert, but I ported a copy of the Axence NetTools to my Win8 RP to see if I could track down that permanent connection to MS that was reported in another forum, and I didn't find anything. Unless I had a browser open, there didn't appear to be anything continuously going outbound from the system.

Maybe someone else knows how to hunt for hidden Internet connections, but I didn't find anything objectionable.

That's good. Still, and to quote another relevant motto, "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." :yes:


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Okay, this might be evil but we gotta get that URL http://bit.ly/UY9kBO into some of the fanboy threads at the other sites. Maybe using sneaky I mean creative URL text or descriptions like these ...

  • "Windows 8 already a success" says industry analyst.
  • Microsoft said to be reconsidering the Start Menu removal in Windows 8!
  • New poll says Windows 8 preferred over Windows 7 and Windows XP by a wide margin!
  • Microsoft offering free Windows 8 coupons to the first 1000 responders!


ROFL, that would serve the fanboys right! :sneaky:

Almost makes me want to join the Neowin forum just to do this!

Anybody up for some trolling? ;)


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Update: like this wasn't expected ...

Intel calls Windows 8 "not ready" remarks "unsubstantiated" ( NeoWin 2012-09-26 )

We really do think Windows 8 is great, Intel says ( CNet 2012-09-26 )

Intel Responds to 'Unsubstantiated' Reports of CEO's Anti-Windows 8 Remarks ( Maximum PC 2012-09-27 )

The chip giant issues a statement today rebuffing yesterday's report that CEO Paul Otellini doesn't think Windows 8 is ready yet. --- CNet
A bit later in the day, Intel also issued a statement on “unsubstantiated news reports about comments made by Intel CEO Paul Otellini in a meeting with employees.” While the brief statement reminds everyone that Otellini once hailed Windows 8 as being “one of the best things that ever happened to Intel”, nowhere does it deny that Otellini made the remarks attributed to him by Bloomberg. --- Maximum PC

This story is even more disappointing if you ask me ...

Intel Plans to Discontinue Multiple CPUs, Incl. Core i5-3450 ( Tom's Hardware 2012-09-26 )

What they are doing is eliminating two of their best chips ever, the 2500K and 2600K. The 2700K is also on the list. Now all of these Sandy Bridge chips do in fact have clear Ivy Bridge replacements, nonetheless the first two are huge sellers in the home build market. Ordinarily the move to the next generation replacements would be a no-brainer except for the problem mentioned above, the inexplicable redesign of the packaging, moving from soldered IHS to thermal paste, which has resulted in definite increased temps at higher overclocks. Intel of course said: "this is as designed and meets quality and reliability expectations for parts operating under specified conditions.". This is a confidence shaker and is really just to save a few bucks on manufacturing, and is capitalizing on recent AMD fumbles. Of course, all they had to do was use the better packaging for the "K" models, which are unlocked and destined for machines that will be exploring the envelope, but just like Microsoft with the Start Menu, they turned a deaf ear to critics. 'Hey, we got no competition at the moment!' ~sigh~

Meanwhile back in the Microverse ...

Ballmer: $1,500 can buy "some" Microsoft Surface units ( NeoWin 2012-09-26 )

Funny debate going on over there as to what Ballmer meant by "some". Did he imply you can buy more than one Surface for $1500 or simply that there will be Suface models for $1500. The launch is a month away and they still aren't doing anything but tripping over their tongues!

A sad, off-topic example how Microsoft's reckless arrogance is contagious ...

Google Docs dumping some older Microsoft Office formats ( NeoWin 2012-09-26 )

A post on the Google Apps page states that, starting on October 1st, Google Docs users won't be able to download documents in the .doc, .xls, and .ppt formats, which were used by Microsoft Office from 1997 to 2003.

By setting a clear example for everyone else on how to implement planned obsolescence, break things and destroy standards, thanks to Microsoft the relatively compatible computer universe will degenerate into a fractured network of walled gardens. Uggh. :puke:

EDIT: typo, added another link

Edited by CharlotteTheHarlot

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MS will pay a lot of money to have fans that will write the right stuff to promote their sh!t. Clueless people don't get it that it's not about OS anymore, it's about freedom of choice. ;)

MSFT already have their brown noser program and they are already praising how great the new s*** is :lol:

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Maybe we are seeing the matter with the wrong perspective. :unsure:

Windows XP and conversely Windows 7 (sorry MagicAndre1981, but Vista :ph34r: doesn't count) are/were SELFISH OS's.

Windows 8 is a PLURAL OS.

Let's see what Dell has to say about their ST2220L 21.5" LCD screen priced at a nifty US$129.99:


Take your multimedia viewing experience to another level with the ST2220L full HD monitor with LED. This 21.5" widescreen display is an optimum choice for cinematic quality and makes watching movies, playing games and photo editing an amazing experience.

And what about the - I presume corresponding - ST2220T (touch screen) 21.5" LCD screen priced at a mere US$329.99:


The new DellTM ST2220T multi-touch monitor will change the way you look at, and interact with life. Featuring an innovative 21.5" multi-touch screen with IPS technology, and multiple tilt angles, you, your friends and family will enjoy a stunning experience in a sleek design.

For only 200 bucks more, you can include your friends and family in the FUN. :thumbup

BUT still.... :angel .... please note how all the activities described by the good Dell guys are NOT IN ANY WAY connected with WORK. :whistle:

Now I find this appropriate, with the world crisis, a lot of families (and some of their friends) will have MUCH more time to stay at home and entertain themselves with Windows 8 and touch screens, whilst the very few with still a job will continue working with the antiquated, but still good enough XP's and 7's in their gloomy, lonely cubicles.....

And, just to show to some miscreants how my crystall ball (from time to time) is accurate let me present you two brand new apps for Windows 8:



foreseen evolution from:


(please do take some time to appreciate the essential pureness and modernity of the lines and the new Bauhaus look)

To be fair, some "serious" apps are also coming out, example:


Imagine how easy it is to use Taxsoftware.com on the Windows 8 Tablet.


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I wonder when will messages saying "Do NOT Share your Touch-Screen" will appears as health related warnings.

I mean i've seen some man sneezing at his iPad, you know mucus and all ...

Has there any scientifc study about touch-screen as contagious disease vectors?

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More Windows 8 fluff articles appearing daily.

Bad Piggies is coming soon to Windows Phone and Windows 8 ( NeoWin 2012-09-27 )

Shocker: Bill Gates says Windows 8 is "a big deal" ( NeoWin 2012-09-27 )

Bill Gates gives Windows 8 his stamp of approval ( TechSpot 2012-09-28 )

Bill Gates Says Windows 8 is ''Very Exciting'' ( Tom's Hardware 2012-09-28 )

Angry Birds sequel and a half-hearted endorsement from billg, Well I'm sold. Not!

Meanwhile, the creator of Minecraft takes some more shots at it ...

Notch slams Windows 8 yet again, won't certify Minecraft ( NeoWin 2012-09-27 )

Minecraft creator 'Notch' is the latest to speak out against Windows 8 ( TechSpot 2012-09-28 )

Notch Won't Certify Minecraft for Windows 8 ( Tom's Hardware 2012-09-28 )

Markus Persson ... Got an email from microsoft, wanting to help "certify" minecraft for win 8. I told them to stop trying to ruin the pc as an open platform. --- Twitter: @notch

Markus Persson ... I'd rather have minecraft not run on win 8 at all than to play along. Maybe we can convince a few people not to switch to win 8 that way.. --- Twitter: @notch

Hehe :lol: Now some guy at Fanboy Central posts this story about a Microsoftie that supposedly debunked his claims ...

Take that: Rafael Rivera easily certifies Minecraft for Windows 8 ( NeoWin 2012-09-28 )

... but unfortunately they entirely miss the point at what "Notch" was actually saying. Big surprise. He is describing the devoulution of Windows into a walled garden, not that they are there yet. The fanboys will have none of it though: Our beloved Microsoft would never do such a thing! And if they did it would be great! That pretty much sums it up. One commenter at that last link, Leo, does a fine job trying to penetrate the skulls of the pod people, but there is really no hope. Civil War is coming.

From the You have got to be kidding me department ...

Nokia Lumia 820 & 920 priced in Europe, coming in November ( NeoWin 2012-09-27 )

Nokia prices Lumia 920 higher than Samsung's Galaxy S III ( TechSpot 2012-09-27 )

Nokia has priced their upcoming Lumia 920 smartphone higher than Samsung’s Galaxy S III, a move that has analysts wondering how the Finnish phone maker plans on justifying the premium. In some markets, Nokia’s flagship phone will sell for 25 percent more than the S III.

Italy ...

Lumia 920 :: €599 (USA $771)

Lumia 820 :: €499 (USA $643)

Samsung Galaxy S III :: €530

Germany ...

Lumia 920 :: €649 (USA $836)

Lumia 820 :: €499 (USA $643)

Samsung Galaxy S III :: €530

Russia ...

Lumia 920 :: 24,990 rubles (USA $801)

Lumia 820 :: 19,990 rubles (USA $640)

UK ... Nokia will not be releasing pricing!

USA estimated prices ...

Lumia 920 :: $699

Lumia 820 :: $599

Boy they are sure being optimistic. :whistle: Reminder photos of the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 and some of the competition ...



EDIT: added a bunch more links

Edited by CharlotteTheHarlot

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Here's a revelation into the evil, wrong, ruthless, directionless mind of Steven Sinofsky which confirms that in the future the desktop is going to go away: http://www.itwriting...ws-and-net.html As Bill Gates once said, no one can tell Steven what to do so essentially Microsoft is at his mercy, not Ballmer's. Ballmer just wants to be part of the success as CEO, while not taking any leadership stance as this article confirmed: http://www.fastcodes...design-strategy Now why would anyone want to kill the largest, most prevalent, most successful, most dominant PC ecosystem for greedy mobile ambitions is beyond me. Does he think by killing "legacy" desktop, Msft can get bigger than Apple once again? Such a person can't have the best interests of users at heart.Only reason for killing desktop might be "developers, developers, developers...". The Windows desktop is not "hot" any more like iOS is for developers.That and a Steve Jobs-like capitalist mentality to rule the world and become the largest company again, at the cost of putting user distress to something of secondary importance.

Edited by xpclient

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Well, I don't care anymore. I'll stick to Windows 7 as long as I can. When I won't be able to check mail and browse forums 'cause I'll need Windows 999 or Windows Schmuck or whatever they will call it, I'll switch to BSD. :D

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Here's a revelation into the evil, wrong, ruthless, directionless mind of Steven Sinofsky which confirms that in the future the desktop is going to go away: http://www.itwriting...ws-and-net.html

Well, if Sinofsky contributed and contributes to the killing of .Net and Silverlight he is not as evil and senseless as he seems.


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he is ;)

.Net/C# is a fine development platform.

Most probably it is (as development platform) but the effect I can see at user level is (of course IMHO) a regression in quality of apps. :ph34r:

Of course everyone has his/her opinion, there are people thinking that Visual Basic is better than C#:


Now, you may think that his is off-topic :w00t:, but as a matter of fact, you would be wrong ;) :

in the above page there is something that can be well applied to the fanboys approach to the new stupid NCI :

Someone commented on my original (much shorter) blog about this:

"In a short amount of time you'll type those semi-colons without thinking about it (I even type them when programming in visual basic)."

That’s like saying that you’ll soon get used to not having any matches to light your fire, and you’ll even start rubbing sticks together to start a fire when you finally manage to buy a box!



Edited by jaclaz

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