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No letter assigned with USB external Device (98SE SP3.0 related?)

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Thanks everyone. I used the site from submix8c and found this diagram. My usb cable only has pins up to pin 8. According to this it looks like I need 9 and 10 which seems strange. I guess I need a different cable.

Pin 9 is "KEY" i.e. it is not connected and used to identify the pins layout.
A single USB port has 4 (four) pins (just as a USB cable has four wires):
  • USB Power +5V
  • USB Data -
  • USB Data +
  • USB Ground (0V)
Those are 1/3/5/7 in the image you posted for first port (USB0) and Pins 2/4/6/8 for second port (USB1).
See also (beware, the pin numbers are different, but the concept is the same):


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jaclaz is right (of course!): pin 9 is "KEY", being usually not connected (viz. "NC"), or, less commonly, grounded. Now, pin 10 is absent (= missing), so that one can immediately recognize which pin is pin 9 (because it's the only one that has no conterpart). Reversing "Data +" and "Data -" causes the port not to work, but usually causes no damage, so it can be corrected (this seems to me to be the problem with your machine). Now, reversing "Power +5V" and "Ground" can kill the motherboard, so take care with what you do, and don't do anything unless you're sure of what you're doing! :ph34r:




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OK, link I gave has somewhat confusing "acronyms" for Pinout. Dencorso's picture and Jaclaz' link is more "correct". Your Connector has only two items lacking (Pin#9/Pin#10) that are (probably) irrelevant (as Dencorso points out). A "full 10-pin" adapter has a "plug" in the Pin#9 position and an actual "Hole" in Pin#10 position to prevent EXACTLY what Dencorso is warning you about, somewhat akin to the "later" IDE and Floppy cable connectors. BEWARE if your Connector is one of the "oddball" reversed-connector-adapters (like some older Tyan MoBo's).

Edited by submix8c, 03 May 2013 - 10:41 AM.

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I'm going to put the MB in other case or install XP and see if it works. right now it has trouble loading the drivers for anything I plug in--code 2 and happily assigns the unknown device from the sp3 inf.

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