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Maxtor STM3500418AS dead after failed firmware update

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Hello to everybody, I'm new in this forum and I hope to find some help.

Excuse me if my english is not perfect, I write from Italy.

I got a STM3500418AS drive with original firmware version CC34, I downloaded the firmware update from here:

The firmware update utility detected my drive and said it was eligible for the update, I proceeded but after a few seconds a "beep" sound came out from the PC and everything was frozen. After waiting 30 mins I had to reboot the PC and realize that my drive was no more recognized by the MB.

Yes, I know I did not 1 but actually 2 stupid things: updating the firmware of a perfectly working drive and not backing up my data before doing it. It's all my fault, but now I'm looking for the cheapest way to recover my data.

As a first attempt, I connected the PCB to a serial-to-TTL interface and I used Windows XP hyper terminal, trying to fix the drive using the procedure for the Barracuda 7200.11 in BSY state. My drive is the 7200.12 serie and so it didn't work. The PCB just responded with error messages.

please help me :(

Thank you in advance

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Excuse me if my english is not perfect, I write from Italy.

Then why your profile says that you are from the U.S.?

My drive is the 7200.12 serie and so it didn't work.

You should NOT use methods for 7200.11 on a 7200.12, and definitely NOT use *any* command unless you find out the state the disk is!

You were probably lucky that you had the errors and thus you were prevented to do further damages.

I contacted some data recovery labs here in Italy, and they are asking for about 300 euros for "reconstructing" my firmware on the drive. Before spending that much money, I'm writing here wondering if you can suggest me something cheaper.

Yes, that is an average price.

Real issue is finding a reliable data recovery firm.

Do you think I can have any chance of success just swapping the PCB with a new one that is exactly the same model, with the same board number, main controller IC and motor combo IC?

Your chances are EXACTLY 0 (zero).

There is a sticky in the Forum:

(which is where you should have actually posted:

MSFN Forum

> Software, Hardware, Media and Games

> Hardware Hangout

> Hard Drive and Removable Media issues

that applies to 7200.12 too.

All modern drives need some info that is stored in a chip on the PCB and this innfo is "coupled" with the actual disk drive, if a PCB has failed then it is possible to do a PCB swap BUT the chip needs to be "transplanted" from the old PCB to the new one.

Any other idea?

It is possible that the disk is still recoverable BUT we don't have a "verified" sequence of commands for the 7200.12, if not these ones:

BUT the problem here is that we have NO idea in which exact condition is now the disk (set aside if due to an initial problem, the failed firmware update, your attempts, or *something else*) :(.

Post the EXACT error message you have when connecting through terminal. (maybe some kind soul will be able to help you)

Take your time reviewing ALL the above mentioned posts/references, think a lot BEFORE issuing any of the mentioned commands, take your chances. :ph34r: DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT attempt using the "m0,1" command unless you find any RELIABLE source advising it.


P.S.: BTW it seems to me like you already took your chances on hddguru forum:

and you were already told at length how doing a PCB swap cannot possibly work. :blink:

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