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There is a new version of Yahoo Email. The previous version is referred to as "classic".

I have an additional email address set up on Yahoo for my Earthlink account.

On the previous version, there was a button to retrieve your "other" email when in Yahoo Mail.

I still have this additional email link set up in the newer version, including verifiying it via email

to Yahoo.

However, I can see absolutely no way to actually use it !! There is no button or any other method I can

see on Yahoo Mail to actually retrieve my Earthlink. email.

Any ideas ??


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Its been awhile, and I have no accounts still added into my Yahoo Mail accounts. It was designed to retrieve your mail any time you'd also go get your Yahoo Mail, and it would have a different color so you could tell the difference.

It seems that the option may be available in the Classic version. There isn't anything I can find about using a non-Yahoo account in the AJAX version. I'm not sure if it is in Yahoo Plus or not.

I will note that I was able to find more info about Yahoo's email using google to search for it. :lol:


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