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fwd: DLL Forwarder and Checksum Corrector

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Thank you for the error report.

Fwd currently only works in very simple cases. One requirement is that the export table to be expanded must be at the end of a section.

Now that I have more experience with the PE file format, I do have plans, but no time table, for rewriting this tool from scratch.


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Yesrerday , I am playing with kernel32.dll of xp , server 2008 r1 sp2 and 98 se(included in usp 3 ).

Can you write a tool which can find out which codes are for which function ? if you have time .

is it all right to expand section , adding entrypoint with some extra code of that function ?

Wsapoll function causing some problem in ws2_32.dll of xp , i donot know how to fix it. One of my game need it.

is there in detailed guide regarding adding export ?

I found a awesome tool some where for testing export and adding entry point please see here http://www.woodmann.com/forum/showthread.php?15720-Export-Table-Tester


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