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Hi. I'm trying to help a friend of mine get Windows 98SE up and running on his HP DC7700. We are having a very hard time trying to get his Wireless Card, TP-LINK TL-WN350G (Atheros AR5007G), to install on Windows so he can connect to the internet.

We've tried just about everything both he and I can think of. We've tried in Device Manager, we tried installing the INF directly, and I think he said he tried seeing if he could fix the INF, I do not know if that's possible, but I thought I should mention it just incase.

So I have two questions:

Does anyone have any experience with the Atheros AR5007G on Windows 98 SE, or has some steps we can try to see if we can get it to work.

And #2: He said he heard that wdmstub allows the installation of 2000/XP drivers on 98, though he is not certain if it is true or how to even go about using it.

Edit: Oops, I'm terribly sorry I just noticed that I posted this in Member projects instead of the normal forum. Can someone please move this? Once again, sorry about that. :(

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