Best Web Browser(s) for Windows XP in 2012

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  1. 1. What is the best web browser for Windows Xp in 2012?

    • Internet Explorer
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Opera
    • Other (list below)

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And yet another update on this story. To summarize, MSIE zero day flaw discovered ( IE6, IE7, IE8 ), Microsoft eventually fixed it, then the fix was nullified a day later ...

Exploit found in Internet Explorer 8; IE9 and 10 not affected [update] ( NeoWin 2012-12-29 )

Update 2012-12-31: The solution is out for that MSIE exploit: KB 2794220

Security firm: We have bypassed Microsoft's IE6-8 "Fix it" patch ( NeoWin 2013-01-01 )

Exodus Intelligence's blog site claims that it took less than a day of work to find issues with the patch. It added, " .... we were able to bypass the fix and compromise a fully-patched system with a variation of the exploit we developed earlier this week." The company says it plans to release its findings to Microsoft.

Update 2013-01-13: And the next solution is coming through automatic updates tomorrow January 14 ...

Microsoft to plug critical IE vulnerability tomorrow with an out-of-band patch ( NeoWin 2013-01013 )

The out of band patch is marked as critical and will arrive on January 14th; the update will require you to restart your machine. ... The patch will be pushed out at approximately 10AM PST.

Update 2013-01-14: Patch is out ...

Microsoft releases full security update for IE6-8 ( NeoWin 2013-01014 )

EDIT: Updated again


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I vote for Seamonkey. It renders modern pages the same as Firefox, thanks to it's Gecko engine revisions. But it's simpler like Netscape was. Seamonkey would be a good bet for MaxImRecoil (except for tabbing which never will, nor should go away.)

I run an unofficial x64 build of Seamonkey v2.15 on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. It makes for a WONDERFUL, yet simple browsing experience.

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My vote is for SRWare Iron. Had no problems at all with a PIII :w00t:


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