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Yes, of course. If I don't remember wrong I tryed one time to close everything was possible via task manager but with no results, the circle was always there. I suppose an hidden process or whatelse, and the fact to don't have the circle everyday but sometimes during the month make me angry (I like to work to fix in short time, not in this way).

My last chance is to uninstall completely all the programs, one by one, and see what happen (I'll do an Acronis image before to start in this hardly way)

I'll keep you update, tks again mate :thumbup


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Nothing to do

Uninstalling all the apps one by one doesn't help. Especially because I'm quite sure for the circle was something needing a reboot, and several programs, after uninstall them, ask me to reboot.

So, just rebooting normally it disappearing, and rebooting after a program uninstalled doesn't let me to understand if it is fixed or not.

Right now I restore the system of my desktop computer to last august 2011 using an Acronis image I had in my archive. I'll keep more attention from now.

For the laptop I really don't know what to do.... I don't have an Acronis' image old enough.... :angry:


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