Full list of updates & hotfixes included in Gurgelmeyer's USP

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By comparing MD5 values of .CAT files* I managed to identify the following stuff :whistle: (= Outlook Express 6) (= Update Rollup 1 v2)

There are exactly 249 .CAT files in USP 5.1.2195.24. My list above contains 142 files which means that there are probably more to be identified (although I'm sure there are many obsolete updates too!). The ones listed here are not obsolete because I compared these files with my fully slipstreamed HFSLIP source.

* .CAT files in Gurgelmeyer's USP are renamed to random numbers so it's not possible to know which update they came from.

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By the way, Gurgelmeyer's "code" for naming those catalogs was pretty simple: "" where XXXXX stands for the first 5 digits from the MD5 value of each catalog.

Like this:


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