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OutLine Console application at XP Instalation

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pichorra    0

Hello Guys. I'm Slipstreaming some applications under Windows XP instalation, and those application will interact with the user in the instalation. But i'm with some issues.

I've created a batchscript to display an option, and the user should press 1-4. Everything is in command Line. The problem is that VirtualBox is Showing strings competly wrong.

I dunno if it is VirtualBox's fault. I've integrated those stuff with nLite. My addon is made by myself using winRAR SFX, cabarc, and batchscripting. After Failed in the OUT stuff, i've converted it to C. same result


I gonna upload my addon soon. I'm with issues in 4shared.


Nah. The main thing is the Source Code. Here is it:

@echo off
echo "Deseja Instalar:"
echo 1 - WinRAR 4.01
echo 2 - 7Zip 9.2
echo 3 - Ambos
echo 4 - Nenhum

set /p choice= Selecione uma Opcao e pressione ENTER:

if %choice%==1 goto choice_1
if %choice%==2 goto choice_2
if %choice%==3 goto choice_3
if %choice%==4 goto end
goto main

start /i /b "" "wrar401br.exe"
goto end

start /i /b "" "7z920.exe"
goto end

start /i /b "" "wrar401br.exe"
start /i /b "" "7z920.exe"
goto end

set choice=

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