Vista Business and Enterprise on same DVD?

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Oh... your second image doesn't have the same amount of objects as the first. It is missing DisplayName and DisplayDescription at least.

I do not know how to add them. But: I got it working anyway. "DisplayName" and "DisplayDescription" seem to be optional.

It was just "Description". To add a description, you will just have to change the captureing-line from

imagex /compress maximum /flags "Ultimate" /capture d: c:\install.wim "Ultimate"


imagex /compress maximum /flags "ULTIMATE" /capture d: c:\install.wim "Windows Vista Ultimate" "Windows Vista Ultimate"

Editions are ALWAYS written in capitals. Even for "Name" and "Description". But they aren't in DisplayName/DisplayDescription. Just add the last parameter to get it working and do not use capitals for them to make it look consistent.

Only questions left: How can I add "DisplayName" and "DisplayDescription"?

And: The setup seem to be very slow. I used the setup routine from SP2-ISO, just edited WIM and product.ini.

Last: How can I prevent setup from asking for a key? I want to have it like in Win7-Setup and install my key later.


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You'll need a key eventually, but you can use an answer file and specify the install key. Then Setup should install the appropriate image based on that. Here are some install keys:


Although, there should be a file on the DVD with these in it as well.


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Well, I got a file called pid which contains a key, but it will force one edition to install, i just want to skip the key entering screen to choose my edition directly. Seems not to be possible.

The setup isn't as slow as I thought in the beginning. Usually the setup took me about 30 minutes in VM to complete, now it's like 10-15 minutes. But the setup itself seem to react slowly. It takes longer to get to the next screen.

Edit: Now I have an ISO containing Business x86 SP2, Enterprise x86 SP2, Business x64 SP2.

Business x86 should work, because this have been an original Image.

Enterprise x86 works, just installed! Quick install!

Business x64 - not tested yet, but it should.

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