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greet forumers

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well I thought it may be not polite for being a person who learned things from this forum but never say anything... and pardon me for that.
in this first post of mine. I would like introduce my self.
lets get it started

My name is galerie.
found this forum in searching of unattended xp installation.
since it is being a trouble for me to reinstall my younger brother computer every time he messed up with his windows.
made an acronis image for him, but I have no idea why he always said that "it's confusing" while he played a lot of strategic and puzzle game without say a word such that.

till 3 days ago he told me that he saw a friend that do windows xp installation based on cd easily
a little bit surprise because the easier way i found just by making an installation image.

ordered him to borrow the installation disk its called windows dark edition his friend downloaded it from internet.
it is amazing.. but..
since my brother have an optiplex pc so I don't want to waste his original OEM.
last night, after googling I found nlite, n' in some of nlite explanation there's a link to this forum.

now this morning I made an unattended cd ups... dvd, successfully by learning in this forum :D
even it is only a basic things, just used nlite and some addon and add driverpacks then files increase amazingly from a piece of CD to 1,5GB installer. :D
but I am so happy cause I made it. :D

after a deeper reading I found that most of members done awesome job in making unattended installation.
than I have this passion, "to make one like yours" :D
unfortunately I am just a regular windows user with only beginner knowledge bout computer stuff :D
so it may will took a very" long time to accomplish, but it's worth trying because I don't know why I felt a lot of fun since my first try last night.
(even it also cause headache sometimes) :D

I intentionally make this long post cus it is a free post right? :D
thanks for all of you.
great job!

sorry for my bad english cause it is not my native.


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ordered him to borrow the installation disk its called windows dark edition his friend downloaded it from internet.
it is amazing.. but..
since my brother have an optiplex pc so I don't want to waste his original OEM.

Can you also post how exactly you acquired the License for it and how much you payed for it? :whistle:

You may be unaware of this :), but Windows discs/.iso's, etc. that you "download from the internet" are mostly WAREZ :ph34r: , and the policies on MSFN are rater strict on this theme, so be careful:

Anyway, first thing welcome :).

Now, what would be the sense in your scenario for an unattended installation?
Unattended means that you boot the PC to the disc/USB stick/Lan/device, then you walk away and after some time you come baclk and find the PC already configured exactly as you like.
It's use (the real one) is limtied to a different scenario, where you need to have ALL the following needs:
  • install/reinstall VERY often (several times a week)
  • install/reinstall on DIFFERENT hardware
It takes LOTS of time to build an UNattended disk, expecially supporting different hardware.

If you install "seldom" and on the same single specific hardware you can use a plain attended install - possibly with a specific set of integrated drivers/updates.

In your case the approach you have used tll now is IMHO the best one, you install attended, configure the system exactly as you want it, then image it and can re-deploy it in case of troubles, BTW this is the approach used normally when the needs (example corporate use) is:
  • install/reinstall VERY often (several times a week) OR once only BUT
  • install/reinstall on several specimens of same hardware

So, you may be looking NOT for an UNattended installation disc/whatever, but rather for an updated/integrated/tweaked one, and then you can continue using your imaging approach after first install :unsure:.


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