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How to make Excel 2007 keypress behaves like Excel 2003 ?

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a few days ago i was forced to work with Excel 2007, and i found some annoyances.

Problem example:

I fill a math matrix starting from cell C3 to L12.

I want to select that matrix.

Under Excel 2003 or earlier verison:

  1. I go to C3
  2. I press & hold {Shift}+{Ctrl}
  3. I press {Down}
  4. I press {Right}
  5. Release the {Shift}+{Ctrl}

Selection completed.

However the whole idea of pressing & hold {Shift}+{Ctrl} then press {Down} or {Right} were failed in Excel 2007.

So, under Excel 2007, i must do it like the old Lotus 1-2-3 way:

  1. I go to C3
  2. I press & hold {Shift}
  3. I press {End}
  4. I press {Down}
  5. I press {End}
  6. I press {Right}
  7. I release the {Shift}

Selection completed

from 5 steps in earlier excel become 7 steps in excel 2007,

in this matter excel 2007 were about 20% LESS efficient than excel 2003 !!

Thats not what my typing reflects has been trained for.

Is there any settings on excel 2007 to make the keypress behaves like excel 2003 or earlier ?

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ah, so thats where the settings are.

Unchecking it works.


JFYI' date=' it really seems like Excel 2007 is a bettered Excel 2000, only worse[/quote']

yeah, i also dislike 2007 the moment i see it.


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