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I am angry because I am being ignored like a little kid. I am an adult, unlike some people in the forum who have to treat other people like this, it really shows that some of your members are just immature, as long as they get away with it I feel that there are more people who are just as immature and should be treated like little brats, who think that they are so high and mighty. Well I hate to tell them but the rest of us put our pants on the same way they do, by treating other people like this it also shows just how immature they really are. I would like to think there might be acouple of people here that are really adults and conduct themselves as such.

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Could you please show us an example? And also, please remember, this is a FREE forum, anyone can express themelves the way they want (even if that will lead to them being banned).


Please read the rules, folks!



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If I get it right, the issue is about this thread:
which RFComptech started on the 23rd June and to which there were no answers till today, after he "bumped" it.

Part of the reasons why noone answered (besides the likely possibility that simply it was not noticed by anyone) might be that there is not enough info to give advice.

With reference to this:

What exactly did you do?

seems to me like completely missing :w00t: , the "I tried something else" and "I made the unattended disk in Windows 7 and not Windows XP" being IMHO not enough to understand what has been done :ph34r: , whilst the:

What was the exact result?
How did that result not meet your expectations?

are there allright. :thumbup


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