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IP address causes denial of access to files

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First, I think we are missing a basic Forum, "Cross Platform Issues" OR "All Platform Issues". I often have problems that exist in both of my Operating Systems(OS), and would exist in all others. I've checked all the Forum titles and found none suitable. I'm here in XP purely because that is now where I'm coming from, but the same problems exists in 7, my other regular OS.

Anyway. I'm in the UK. I have often wanted to watch TV stuff, only to be told that because I am in the UK I cannot. These messages appear to be flagged by my IP address. Is there any way I can disguise my IP address so I can watch what people in the States can legally watch.

This is not a request for help with piracy, so calm down. Quick, fan over here!. Americans can watch it legally. This is, as many of you know, is just retard, stupid, limiting international law. I am quite surprised that I get this from US sites, where capitalism is king, and every chance to grab a dollar is deemed a veritable Right. If I could watch such which was accompanied by adverts that I HAD to watch before the main show, then payment/contribution would be satisfied. It is a waste of a potential source of income, frankly. I am truly surprised about this, and find it difficult to believe that your Philadelphia lawyers haven't killed this nonsense. (Yep, everything I know about the States is from Film and TV.)

In this instance I just wanted to view a bit of nostalgia. Rhoda. This excellent series was aired in the UK in the 70s/80s, free - if you ignore the compulsory BBC licence fee - with adverts, so why it should be denied me now is just daft. It's not as though the western world is clamouring for it, and billions of dollars will be lost if one user in the UK (me) watches it. Few people in the entire world probably remember it, or want to watch it. It's not going to impact on DVD sales, which is probably zero. Yes, it's the first time we heard the gravelly future Marge Simpson, but it's hardly collectible. I'd love to hear Carlton's drunken dulcits again.

So, how can I fool* LEGAL sites into thinking I'm in America, and watch a bit of nostalgia?


Cheers Friends (two other excellent series. Wonder how long this could go on? - Hello to Laverne, Shirley, Phil at Hill Street, and his colleague Officer Dibble, Sugarfoot, Hoss, the gang at F troop, the girls at Petticoat Junction, Jethro and Jed, Frasier, Diefenbaker, ... and on and on. Make it all available,)

* Fool, trick, deceive, con. None of those apply here. I don't want to deceive anyone, I just want to bypass stupid and unnecessary limitations. SIDESTEP!, That's it! Sidestep. I just want to sidestep the guards at the castle gate. Don't mean no harm.

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While I agree we need such a forum, there is one very suitable for what you are asking. http://www.msfn.org/...d-the-internet/
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actually they done that to controls and increases supposedly sales,
the very same reason for DVD-region,

it just now they want the DVD's region policy also extended to the internets.

anyway, learn and use proxy.



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The BBC is doing exactly the same with their iPlayer.
Your request is one for piracy as you simply do not have the right to watch that. You put it yourself: "other" people can legally watch it.



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Well unfortunately, this is a tricky topic and you may not get a response you'd like. The reason being is that *technically* discussion of this topic falls under rule 1's license circumvention. And our users may be fearful of giving you (the OP) specific information on how to do this because of those rules. Fortunately, an answer was already given in this topic, so I will be closing it. If you (the OP) has any questions about our forum rules, you can feel free to PM me.


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