Do you miss the "classic eurodance" of the 90s?

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That is club music. Nothing new at all. I hear stuff like this being played in weddings, dance halls ( not the like the ones from the 1980's ). I get what you are saying guys, but also remember the "Disco's" from Japan with the flashing lights. But seriously yahhh that is the nice stuff I love to hear. I miss E-rotica and extreme things like that. When the music was silly insane. I mean seriously how this survived into the 1990's is from all the "yuppie" clubs. Of course clubs just for the sake. I just want to let you know I love you guys and hope your year brings happiness.

Yeah it sucks for any of us that didn't actually enjoyed this stuff on the dance floor. What sucks is how we have all of these neo-metal people, and neo-rapper people. Back then all we were concerned about if that and that was gay. It was stupid. Seriously I miss this music. Again I love you guys if any respect really exist

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