Downgrade to Win7 ?

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I'm still not sure what I will do: Use W7, or a hacked W8?

I don't see a single good reason why I'd bother with a Win8 downgrade. The closest thing is faster reboots which would save me perhaps 10 seconds per month (assuming I'm sitting there, waiting for it to boot which is hardly ever the case)

They screwed up so many things pretty badly, and I'm not really seeing anything that even remotely makes up for it.The list seems to be all cons, no pros.


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BTW, just to test the process for getting downgrade rights -- I'm thinking of going into a computer store to shop for a new Windows 7 PC, and then asking the salesman if I can get downgrade rights to Vista. :w00t:


I'll bust your bubble... that program ended a while ago... But you might be able to get Vista from a reseller. ;)


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