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Remember ladies and gentlemen, this is READ-ONLY :w00t:

1. Get these files from Windows 2000 Pro/Server source. The NLS files are the same regardless of the SP level.

AUTOCHK.EXE 5.0.2195.6881




NTDLL.DLL 5.0.2195.7080

NTFS.SYS 5.0.2195.7050

NTOSKRNL.EXE 5.0.2195.7376

2. Copy all the files above to the root drive

C:\ or D:\ etc......
3. Install the Sysinternal/Winternal version 2.0. When asked for a directory create
C:\NTFS or D:\NTFS etc.......
4. After the files install, ignore the reboot.

5. Navigate to autoexec.bat and add the following lines only if you want CHKDSK to run and fix errors on startup

6. Locate the NTFSCHK.BAT in the Windows directory and add /F right after the * (asterisk)

7. Reboot

Now you can view your NTFS drive, copy files from it and dual boot with it. You canNOT write files to the NTFS partition. Enjoy :thumbup

The advance options, I really don't understand them. I believe they are for the pro/write version. I could be wrong.

WARNING: Be careful using SATA drives unless you have a IDE adapter. Your system will crash. This does NOT work on USB Flash Drive/HDD. These instructions applies to the write version as well.


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