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Xampp server

In PHP, the page will copy a file to another folder. (works)

That other folder that the file is copied to is shared. (works)

I have the folder's security set up to only allow a particular user to have full control over it.

(doesn't work unless I also allow System as a user that has full control. The part that won't work is that php can't open the folder to write to.)

The php page will appear in the shared/secured folder with these settings. (works) As long as System is also enabled under user permissions.

The part that doesn't work is;

when I access the shared folder from another computer on the domain, I can get to the copied file but I can't delete it.

What I am attempting to do:

I want the website to copy a page that was created with php to another folder. That copied page can be viewed through the web browser at its new location.

I want particular users to be able to clean that folder out when the files become numerous. But I don't want just anyone getting into the folder.

Is there another user type that I need to add to the security tab? I have allowed full control to both my user and system.

Thanks in advance.

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It had to do with share permissions and ntfs permissions being at different levels/users. Didn't realize that they could both scale separately like that.


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