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Hp Laserjet 3030 not detected after motherboard change

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hemang    0

I have an XP-Pro desktop computer to which an HP Laserjet 3030 is connected. The XP-Pro machine has 2 users, one being member of Admin group and other a restricted user.

2 other laptop computers on my home network, all XP pro have the same user settings and connect to this printer which is shared.

Now some days back I had a motherboard failure and had to change the motherboard. I put an Intel DG41TY. Unfortunately the Intel install DVD was scratched by my computer person and would not be read. I downloaded the drivers for Chipset, Graphics, LAN and audio and installed them. Everything went well. I did not even have to activate my license again.

I have a External Maxtor USB connected for backup to the desktop and this installed without any problem. But the HP Laserjet 3030 is just not getting detected. I uninstalled the software and the printer. But when I plugin the USB cable, nothing happens. I changed the cable but same effect. I connected the printer to my laptop and it was immediately detected.

I think there is some problem of old driver still being there.

Can someone help me out. If more details are needed I can give.

There was a problem of "USB device not recognised" flashing now and then on the desktop. I think I have solved that by removing everything under USB Controllers and a number of things under System Devices and installing again. But that did not help in the printer problem.

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