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Adding DWORD values via INF AddReg Directive

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naaloh    0

I noticed that this page of the MDGx website ends with the following passage:

Using an INF there is not a way to add dwords in Windows 95/98/ME, but there is a way to trick the system to believe that you did:

Set a binary key to the value of 01,00,00,00. This will reflect the same as a dword of one.

This is not exactly correct. On Windows ME I was able to add DWORD values in accordance with this MSDN article, namely by using the 0x00010001 flag. I don't know if it works on Windows 95/98, but Windows ME entries like


do produce the desired DWORD values in the registry (0x00000001 in the sample entry). The MSDN artice is also useful because it lists all possible flags. For instance, you can use 65539 instead of 65537 to keep any existing value in the registry instead of replacing it.

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