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Comments column missing in Explorer after Robocopy operation.

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I used Robocopy to copy an entire partition, everything worked as usual but the comments columns in Windows Explorer are all blank. I thought that comments, album, artist, etc. are part of NTFS file attributes that Robocopy will copy with /COPYALL option.

How do I copy comments along with the files?


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Was that the complete RoboCopy command you used?

AFAICT (having "backed up" then "restored" a User set of files/folders, specifically, Music, Pictures, Photos, Videos folders "interactively" by giving responses) using "Copy" instead, it appears that the DESKTOP.INI comes into play and the correct one(s) were overlaid. I had observed this and "kept" the larger of the two (AFAIKR) which worked... something I BELIEVE to do with Junctions...



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