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Fail to run 7950GT AGP 512M in win98

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Because to see that there are examples of success to let 7950GT 512M worked with win98.

So I try to upgrade my videocard from 7950GT AGP 256M to 7950GT AGP 512M

I used RAM Limitation Patch already and also try to edit MaxPhsyPage in config.sys with various numerical or change AGP aperture in BIOS ,

but finally,I failed again and again matter how I set are not successfully boot....

Has anyone can give me opinions ?

Does there is any other way I can try ?

My original spec.(except shutdown problem,it works perfect)

OS : Win XP SP3 & Win 98 SE MultiBoot

CPU : Pentium 4 3.4G

Mainboard : GIGABYTE 8IPE1000G Rev 4.x (Intel 845 chipest)

Memory: 4 G (1G x 4)

Video card: Gainward Nvidia 7950GT 256 MB AGP 8x with unoffical 82.64 drivers & AGP aperture: 64 MB

Voodoo 2 12MB SLI

Sound card: Creative Audigy 2 ZS

TV card: Leadtek TV2000 expert



autoexec.bat: no relevant entries



vmm32.vxd (real mode), vcache.vxd, vmm.vxd: with RAM Limitation Patch 7.01 (with /M /A Option)


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