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System Properties tab language is German

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Not sure when or how this happened, but when I right-click on the "my computer" desktop icon and select properties, all the text in the various tabs is German (not how it used to be - english). Control panel / regional settings is set to US/English.

When I plug in a new USB device and windows opens the "finding new hardware" dialogs, they're all in german.

How do I change those back to English?

Would nusb36a_de.exe have done all this???


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Yes! Now you know why there're warnings everywhere that NUSB is *language specific*. :whistle:

Hope for the best and try to apply the latest English version (NUSB36e) over it, and answer yes to any message asking whether you want to substitute a file for another that is the same version or older with YES... Try NUSB 3.6 first (nusb36e.exe is the English file). If it does not solve it post back, before trying anything else.

Maximus Decim Native USB ver.3.6


*Native (without installation of additional drivers for each type) support USB flash drives, digital photo

and videocameras and other similar devices.

*Universal Stack USB 2.0 (without installation of additional drivers for each chipsets) with uninstall.

1.Remove ALL drivers USB flash drives.

2.Remove ALL drivers USB 2.0 controllers.

3.Remove ALL USB 1.1 and 2.0 controllers and devices.

4.Remove ALL unknown devices.

5.Install NUSB 3.6 and reboot.

6.After detection new USB 1.1 and 2.0 controllers (if it will occur) too it is necessary to reboot.

Remember! You install it at own risk!


English: http://turbobit.net/tyu37wycpmde.html


Russian: http://turbobit.net/dhgujel1bonm.html


What's new?

* SYSDM.CPL 4.90.3001 - for auto install driver at insertion of the new flash devices

*USB.INF 01.02 (MD, exclude "CopyFiles" sections )

*USB2.INF 01.02 (MD, add new devices (Intel, ATI), exclude "CopyFiles" sections)

*NTMAP.INF 01.01 (MD, exclude "CopyFiles" sections )

*USBNTMAP.SYS 01.03 (MD, exclude "CopyFiles" sections )

*USBSTOR.INF 01.11a (MD, Problemchyld, add new devices, exclude "CopyFiles" sections )

*QV2KUX.SYS - (Problemchyld, for Casio)


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The english version of the file (nusb36e.exe) worked. I had to answer "no" to the question if I wanted to keep the existing german .cpl file.

How long has this english version been available? I think only the german version existed at the time I was looking...


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Since 04 June 2012, the date of the post I quoted. That's Maximus-Decim official release post. The German version cannot have preceeded the English version, because it's based on it.


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