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chose script

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i have a question. is it possible to make a .bat file with commands. where use can chose to run a program...


Please chose with one

1 Program1.exe

2 Program2.exe

then when user press 1 the first install or if they press 2 the number 2 install..

Can anone help me with that...


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Here is Cmd Promt Script that gives 3 choice


@Echo OffCLSCOLOR 9FMODE 62,9TITLE Demo Menu::This code is property of Gunsmokingman and Or Jake1Eye and you must have his permission to use.::This is only posted as example code and meant only to used as such.:MainCLSEcho.Echo This Is To Turn On Or Turn Off The Hiberfil.sysEcho.Echo Type 1 For This ChoiceEcho Type 2 For This ChoiceEcho Type Quit To Close WindowEcho.SET Choice=SET /P Choice=Type Choice Then Press Enter:IF /I '%Choice%'=='1' GOTO Item1IF /I '%Choice%'=='2' GOTO Item2IF /I '%Choice%'=='quit' GOTO TheEndECHO "%Choice%" is not valid. Please try again.SET /P = Press Enter To ContinueGOTO MAIN:Item1CLSEcho.Echo You Selected Choice 1ping -n 3>nulGoto TheEnd:Item2CLSEcho.Echo You Selected Choice 2ping -n 3>nulGoto TheEnd:TheEndExit

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