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Hi all

I applied XPize to the source files on my HD, then burned them to DVD and installed on PC, however htm and html files have a generic / unknown icon as if Windows does not know which progeam is associated with these files, I corrected the association but it didn't have any effect. Can anyone tell me what option to NOT select in XPize 5R6 to not have this problem?

Thank you for reading



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I've looked into this and cannot identify the cause. Windows handles HTML files specially anyway (e.g. if you have Microsoft Word installed, if a *.html file contains certain <meta> elements then the file will have the Word HTML icon instead of the standard HTML file icon).

For this, and other reasons, I strongly suggest running xpize after you've installed Windows, rather than patching a CD image. If I ever do release a new version, I'll remove the I386/CD-image patching feature because it doesn't work as-intended.


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