Manually Update MCE2005 prior to SP3?

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Started a clean install of XP-MCE 2005 last night and discovered that Windows Update will no longer update XP-SP2.

As I recall from a prior reinstall - certain aspects of MCE2005 must be updated in SP2 mode - once SP3 is installed, the components will not update.

Is this true? Or can I install SP3 and let Windows Update do all the work?

I've previously downloaded and have been able to manually install the following (9) updates:

KB900325 = MCE Rollup 2

KB912024 = ehome rollup #2

KB913800 = WMP10MCE update

KB925776 = MCE2005 - Post2 Rollup

KB954086 = MCE2005 Protected Content

KB976738 = Post 2 Rollup Security

KB2502898 = Post 2 Rollup Security

KB2619340 = Post 2 Rollup Security

KB2628259 = Post 2 Rollup Security

Are there any other MCE specific updates that I need to install before I apply SP3?



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The "rule of thumb" that I use:

SP3 is KB936929, if the KB number is lower than that, I install it prior to installing SP3.

Of course, some KB's are superceded and/or installed by SP3.

I try to do the Rollups, first.


For Rollup 2, I had problems getting it to install.

The solution was to extract the contents of the Rollup package, and install the KB's seperately, rebooting between each one.


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Each SP is supposed to include all the updates that were released before it.


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That may hold true for XP, but not for XP MCE.

As I recall, Rollup 2 is a prerequisite for installing SP3 for Media Center Editions.


By the way, XP MCE was only released for OEM machines.

I have a list of steps that I developed, over about 6 months of trial and error.

I install the OEM build, do a few uninstalls, including Microsoft Installer v3.1.

Then I install Microsoft Installer v4.5 before installing anything else.

It saves a lot of headaches down the road.

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