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What software to create a table of numbers?

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I would like some recommendations on software which will accomplish the following:

1] I need a table of 4 digit numbers with dividing lines between each set of 4 digits.
2] The table must be as compact as possible, using a condensed font which I want to print out on A4 paper.
3] Locating the numbers is important, so they shouldn't all be just stuck on the page. There must be a regular amount per line of 10 sets or 20 sets of 4 digits, preferably 20 in a neat table.
4] The numbers must be automatically filled in, I don't want to enter them all myself. The count is from 0 to 9999. This is essential!

I thought that a spreadsheet might be able to do it, although I don't know about auto filling the numbers, I certainly don't want to have to manually fill in 10000 numbers. I did try a spreadsheet but couldn't work out how to fill in the numbers automatically.

Freeware would be preferable if possible.

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Excel will do it nicely and very easily using the integrated increment function.
But if you want to generate it with a script, this batch will create a csv (if you redirect its output to a file after removing the ending pause) and all you need is to import it in excel or any other spreadsheet.

@echo off
for /L %%j in (0,1,499) do (	set D=
				for /L %%i in (0,1,19) do (set D=!D!!res!,
								set/A res=!res!+1
				echo !D!



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A spreadsheet is what you want.
There are several freeware ones.
If you provide the actual scope of what you are doing (like all numbers from 0001 to 9999 or every number from 1111 to 9999 or any even (or odd) number between xxxx and yyyy, or whatever) we may provide you an easy formula method to achieve that.




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Try pasting the following script into a new browser window: javascript:n=10000;w=100;s='<table bgcolor=black cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0>';for(i=n;i<n+n;i++)s+=(i%w?'':'<tr bgcolor=white>')+'<td>'+(''+i).slice(1);s+'</table>'Print in A4 landscape scaled to ~30%

Adjust n=10000 to any power of ten.
Adjust w=100 to any desired width.

Tested in Op10.63, FF2.0.0.20, IE5.0
Design feedback requested:
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I finally got around to trying this on my laser printer, I don't switch it on often.

I wanted it in a table format and the idea from jumper did the job fairly well. 50 sets of numbers across is what I settled for, although very small, it did work okay. Unfortunately it wouldn't stretch it across the page to make it larger, probably because it would of made the characters malformed. Thank you jumper for a successful solution and thank you everyone else for your ideas.

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