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yo! tomasz86

while searching for last version videolan to run on 2k, I stumbled on VLC not running in 2K

VLC install was producing an entry point error "The procedure entry point HeapSetInformation could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"

the 2nd post points to an official M$ hotfix that it seems we have all somehow missed ... XP Low Fragmentation Heap Algorithm is Available for 2000

I didn't see 816542 posted on your comprehensive HF list, and there's no mention of it in any blog on either ...

I've also encountered the error, so it's apparently fairly common ...

it might make be a good HF to add, and it might even (or yikes! it might not) help with BWC's important work on 2K kernel ...

edit -- add it's an SP5 hotfix

M$ email states "For your convenience, we put the hotfix that you requested on an HTTP site. You can download the hotfix from this site without us filling up your e-mail inbox."

KB Article Number(s): 816542

Language: English

Platform: i386


File name: 126663_ENU_i386_zip.exe

File size: 7,210,656

File dates: mostly June 2003

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This hotfix is old and obsolete. All files included in it are available in newer versions elsewhere :angel


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that's good to hear! thought I'd better check in early rather than later since I couldn't find it

that was quite a list of files related to a (simple?) heap change

the changes were apparently not all "internal" to kernel32 (which suprised me)

all the more respect due to Wildbill and BWC for their work on the 2K kernel upgrades!


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