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Hello again :-)

You never sleep, just as I don't either!! haha

OK, well I have 16 total 2005 redists (there are 12 in the picture attached to this post, and 4 more that I haven't put in that folder because they are newer updates to prevent DLL spoofing, so 16 total).

If you think this is getting messy, just let me know, you've been such a big help to me, and it is very appreciated, so you've done MORE than I could've asked for. Again, just let me know if this is crazy crazy work to get these little buggers installing more easily

No problem , You gave me a reason to work on a update project now , besides I live on my computer about 12 hrs a day doing W8 and W7 projects and working on perfecting my unattended installs..

Unfortunately, MS changes the Visual C++ command switches from release to release (unlike the .msu files)

Download my revised batch to install the C++ 05 files for both x86 and x64, then create a folder called vc05

put all your 2005 .exe files in it and put it in the main Updates folder along with the batch file..

I also added a cleanup for the root drive of all the VC install files and also changed the basic ui switch /qb

to a no ui with the /qn so you don't have to see the progress bar as they install in chronological order.

Just tested this out on my W7 64-bit machine and it worked perfectly...If you have anymore batch/dos questions

you should join which is a very active forum..I stay mostly over there and everyone is

very helpful and most questions are answered in less than an hour..


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Amazing, it works perfectly!!

And, I tried clicking that link for the command line switcher program but the links come up as Arabic and there's also another link that points to a suspended account. Oh well, now I good to go. :-)

Please do look me up if you ever need anything at all related to PC or Mac. (I'm on my PC and Mac about 12 hours every single day as well, been that way for about 15 years!!).

Talk soon B)


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Glad u got it all working now..If you do many Win7 reinstalls u may want to consider pre-installing all those updates (msxml, net framework,msu,exe,sfx files etc) via RTSevenLite and Setupcomplete like I do then you don't have to do all the post installs which can be a major time saver or you could just include all the different update scripts that i gave you and create one batch file with a menu and select each update type ... just a thought :yes:


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Hey DosProbie,

nice work!

What happen if the VC-Package is already installed?

In my istal-batches i just use the /q oder /qb - switches directly after the exes.

ie vcredist_x64.exe" /qb for Visual C++ 2008 SP1.

Why you used always the msiexec-option?

Is the name of the MSI alsways the same (vcredist.msi) also for different versions 2008/2010/2012 ??




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