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Hi I'm a newbie at vbscript and I was wondering how do I extract the iframe name? like for example if the string value contains:

<DIV style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; WIDTH: 670px; HEIGHT: 210px; VISIBILITY: visible; MARGIN-LEFT: -335px; TOP: 48px" id=TB_window><DIV id=TB_title>  <DIV id=TB_ajaxWindowTitle>Add Media</DIV>  <DIV id=TB_closeAjaxWindow><A id=TB_closeWindowButton title=Close href="#" jQuery172014112867239284427="140"><IMG src=""></A></DIV></DIV><IFRAME style="WIDTH: 670px; HEIGHT: 180px" id=TB_iframeContent onload=tb_showIframe() src="" frameBorder=0 name=TB_iframeContent656 hspace=0>This feature requires inline frames. You have iframes disabled or your browser does not support them.</IFRAME></DIV> 

then the extracted name would be TB_iframeContent656

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If you can modify the iframe onload to be onload=tb_showIframe(, the tb_showIframe function will receive the iframe's name as its parameter.

Otherwise the script needs to know something as a starting point. If that is "id=TB_iframeContent" then the vbscript solution would be the syntactic equivalent of this javascript:

<script>var iframeName = document.getElementById("TB_iframeContent").name</script>

Note: if you want this to work in any browser other than IE, you should be scripting in javascript, not vbscript.

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