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Hurricane Sandy

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submix8c    89


Pray or not as your religion or no religion dictates.

I have a nephew (US Navy) and his wife in Virginia.

Just give it a second or two to think on everyone in its path or was in its path.

It's been deemed Frankenstorm since it's a combo storm with high tides included.

That is all...

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Tripredacus    286

It was initially expected that my area would get some heavy flooding and high winds but it turned out not really being an issue. The videos and pictures from New York City are something else!

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LoneCrusader    95

Had about 6 inches of very wet snow here. Thankfully the power stayed on, but my internet has been out all day. At least it's back now :angel

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ROTS    5

I am not seperating this paragraph.

I was there when it hit NY. It wiped Staten Island off the map, over 22-99 people died all together. 25% of the entire Manhattan, and 90% of Long Island (including Queens and parts of Brooklyn), is without power. Oil tankers are unable to dock (to get there is no problem, but docking and unloading is another......which is kinda stupid). So everybody is on the move/hunting for gas. Because of the power outtage, a person with no back up generator has no way of keeping food fresh asides burrying it in the backyard or boiling the darn thing. Cooking gas is still here but... for how long? People need proper change to shop for food. Nobody has change. Banks are closed, and people are standing in front of the super markets with weapons. Kids can't go to school and getting to college is a trip across the shuttle buses. The subway runs but not into Manhattan. Oh did I mention Staten Island got wiped off the map, and the borro President was about to break down and cry, as well? He was about to lose it (in NYC Staten island is the only borro without subway, or heavy bus transit, but has a good amount of houses). When the storm hit, people were outside screaming and yelling. You can't tell homeless from home owners. Stupid red cross finally kicked in to provide food (nobody needs food, they need generators for their fridges, transportation to get to work). Did I forget to mention two more storm fronts are about to hit as well. Another thing is the weather jumped directly into Winter (as it should be), and Halloween was canned, but one lucky tennant was able to get my candy, and the young adults were like "you rule". A nice looking woman a couple of days ago was begging for help on the street :lol: sadly I live in a house full of girls :angry: .

When the sub-power-sations blew it lited up the sky, as if it was WWII. Everybody is saying the aftermath looks like WWII, on the news. I guess somebody casted Holy Power onto USA or something :whistle: People are selling batteries, outside of blocked stores, and some people broke into a drug store (for the obvious reason).

This is like the opposite of Katrina. All the wealthy areas got jacked, and the only criminals are people going for heart medications. However There was some gun fire when the lights were out. National gaurd, under cover officers, police, Mr, Popo, bomberman, and the Smurfs are starting to show up all over the place. Seriously, the military is in town as well, the ones without the big guns but they still carry guns. What is funny is how I have yet to see any young people ( Juveniles, and organized

crime ) outside at all.

Anyways, I am warm living in my $500 dollar apartment, while somebody is cold, hungry, with no television, no hot water, no water pressure, huddling around a crappy cell phone, living inside a $4000 apartment. Or a home owner in Staten Island (if still alive), standing in line for food, like the homeless people living in the lost woods of New Jersery. Oh yes about NJ, The entire Jersery shore was also destroyed as well.

Too bad it was a terrible show anyhows.

There is light flurrys right now outside, on and off. Some animals prowling around. No the goverment hasn't put us cages yet. They have happy patriot security for that one. No I don't see any giraffes, or hyenas. Oh and nobody in another borro noticed this, until they realized they have no gas for their car at all. It is a real good time to be construction worker, military, or some other type of hands on work.

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