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How to build an add-on for IE8 and some hotfixes problems.

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I'm here to ask you all a favor: I want to learn how to build an add-on for IE8 because I can't use the original package with nLite. I succesfully added an add-on I downloaded in these forums, but I need it in portuguese, so I have to make my own add-on. I founded some portuguese add-on links but they were really poor quality or outdated.

And I want to know if someone knows how to integrate the updates below. I can't find them at Mcrosoft website, but they appear in the Windows Update. It's kinda strange. o.O

  • KB892130
  • KB898461
  • KB2544521
  • KB2510531
  • KB963093
  • KB2632503
  • KB928416
  • KB2656370
  • KB2656353
  • KB951847
  • KB2538243

I really thank those who're trying to help me and I apologize for bad english.



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Use this tool to make your IE8 add-on. Note that when using that tool, there will be a bug with KB2744842 due to the 8.3 file naming scheme (msfeedsbs.dll). The update won't take correctly so you will have to install it after setup.

I took a random number of the KB's you say you can not find and Googled them and found them just fine. Try again with Google.

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