Best video player for Windows 2000?

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I wonder what players people use in Windows 2000.

I myself have tested several different ones and still can't decide which is "the best". I only use players which have codecs built in so forgive me for not mentioning any other players requiring external codecs.

  • VLC- very light; somewhat buggy; poor multi-monitor support (at least in Win2k)
  • PotPlayer / KMPlayer - different interface but otherwise very similar; heavier than VLC; stable; good multi-monitor support
  • GOM Player - sometimes requires external codecs; somewhat sloppy interface because parts of it rely on the IE engine (IE5/6 in case of Win2k :ph34r:)
  • SMPlayer / UMPlayer - slow development; poor multi-monitor support; poor Unicode support

I've used VLC until recently but I'm thinking about switching to KMPlayer because I've got two monitors and VLC doesn't support switching between them very well (= doesn't work at all as the screen is either black or the player itself crashes).

Are there any other players which you would recommend?

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I use vlc, version 1.1.11 is the last that seems to work in Win2k.


MPC-HomeCinema, version 1.3.1249.0 works, more recent ones don't.


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whenever I have to recommend someone a movie (or music player)

1st rule is to use only 1 app

2nd rule is to use external codecs (shared by system with other apps, and not player alone)

3rd and final, player must not be garbage :P

therefore for movies I highly recommend (k-lite codec pack, or any simmiliar that gives shared codecs) and media player classic home cinema (home cinema gives GPU acceleration for HD movies)

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I have used MediaPlayerClassic & MPC-HC.

With the FFDshow codec (but MPC[HC] has a lot of FFDshow built in so its rare that you need any extra codecs) it will play *anything*.

I have used it for years on a win2000 box connected to a quality CRT TV in my workroom as a sort of HTPC that can also do anything a 'real' computer can do.

There was a blip some years back where it looked like it was coming to EOL,

but it became MPC-HC and got a new lease of life. Thanks for that.

I cant remember the versions that can be used on a bog standard w2k box without doing anything,

but whats listed here seems fair

I do have a box (with old version) like that and it still works fine.

Just checked 'Media Player Classic 6486' and folder dated 2005 :-o

...and IIRC I have used an updated version using some of BWcats smart updated stuff.


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