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Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

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ganbu    0

Steven Sinofsky, the head of Microsoft's Windows division, has left the company with immediate effect.

His departure comes just weeks after Microsoft launched Windows 8, the latest edition of its flagship product, seen as key to the firm's future.

Microsoft did not give any reason for Mr Sinofsky's departure.

The company said Julie Larson-Green will be promoted to lead all Windows software and hardware engineering.

"The products and services we have delivered to the market in the past few months mark the launch of a new era at Microsoft," Steve Ballmer, chief executive of Microsoft said in a statement.

"To continue this success it is imperative that we continue to drive alignment across all Microsoft teams, and have more integrated and rapid development cycles for our offerings."


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seams that his toxic environment is now finished. Hopefully, they can revert HIS antisocial way do deal with customers and give the users more choices instead of "F*ck you, like what we like".

This is really the best news since years :):thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

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jaclaz    939

But many people will not like the fact that Julie Larson-Green has taken his place. :)

Cheers and Regards

A quote from:


"At first, no one wanted to change Office dramatically," says Julie Larson-Green, who was tasked with overseeing a reimagining of the product's end-user interaction and overall experience in the fall of 2003. Larson-Green's leadership of Microsoft Office 2007's redesign, the most radical revamp in the product's history, required immense courage and conviction, to which this award attests.

To which jaclaz has to say:

Anytime, at first, during and after, NO Office user in his right mind wanted to have those dumbifying changes made.

The good news are that by dumbifying the user interface and cutting down productivity of at least 20% in Office use (at least I can swear by it in Excel) by the experienced users and preventing new users to reach the speed and effectiveness of the old versions, Mrs.Julie Larson-Green paved the way to dumbifying the whole OS UI, of which Windows 8 is a excellent example.

(and jaclaz didn't get any "Common Sense Recognition Award" :w00t: for this comment :( )


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