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ICS in windows server 2003

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On Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server - ICS is not available.

More info here. ;)

OMG, i died

Current : Internet > modem > Switch > Server ( Internet card : and not changed ) and client

Server ( domain, DNS, DHCP, mail server - MDeamon, not NAT )

i tryng to config : Internet > modem > Server ( Internet card and Lan card ???.???.???.??? ) > Switch > Client ( need join domain )

i trying NAT between network and internet but IP address Internet card not changes because Mail server ( MDeamon ) running. When i enable Lan card and NAT config then Client connect to server not found my domain and just connect to internet with DNS

i try config ISA 2004 and ISA give to me IP address - and Lan card config ip address is, CLient ip address and client connect to Lan card but not connecting to internet, i think DNS wrong but i changes, changes changes,... but it not connecting to internet, just ping to Lan card - it ok

Hope u help !!!

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