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windows 7 updates

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I have been making my own windows 7 ultimate with all updates and IE10 and that works very fine.

but my question goes on the updates that i can not slip steam into windows 7.

1 Question is not possible to preinstall dotnet 4.5 into windows like with IE9 or IE10 ?

2 Question. is it not possbile to do something like this as i have wrote under here.

I know i can make a .bat and put into $OEM$ and let it run from there and that works also fine.

but i was thinking is it not possible to make it into windows or with a XML file.

When windows start to install. would it not be possible to let them be install under the punkt Install Updates.

1 kopy files to c:

2 Unpack files

3 install function.

4 Install Updates.

5 Finish all

The updates i am talking about is

Netframework 4.5 & updates




Update for Windows 7









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