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Are people's expectations of software too low?

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submix8c    89

EDIT (just to bump - REALLY!!!)

Just had a close look at the GOOOOGLE I provided in my previous post!

Have a look-see here (re - XRumer methodology)


Spammer User-ID found.

Side note - exact same comment made on another website with a different back-link.

Aren't spam prevention websites wonderful? :w00t::yes:

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Andromeda43    1

Dang, that's a hard act to follow.

I learned 30+ years ago, with DOS 2.0 to not let my expectations exceed the capability of the OS. It was what it was.

I didn't like the OS of the Commodore 64 very much either, so I re-wrote the dang thing. Then it worked pretty good.

But when I started using DOS, I said to myself, "learn to use it the way it was written, and don't worry about it too much". So I did!

The writers of MS products, all the way back to DOS 2.0 have been very optimistic about what kind of a lame system someone would try to run their OS on.

For instance the Dell desktop that came out with only 128 meg of ram and a 4 gig hard drive. In MY world, that would be cause for legal action, but they got away with it without ever any court action at all.

People bought that POC machine and ran it as if they really had something to brag about. To this old tech, that PC belonged on a manure pile somewhere.

So MS wrote into their OS's all sorts of what we in the business call "Safe Defaults" so their OS could run on even the POC Dells, ect.

The trick today is to know how to reprogram the OS to bypass the SAFE Defaults to get down to the real OS that will run at it's maximum performance.

I can reprogram a brand new PC today and at least DOUBLE its performance.

So don't gripe about any OS until you've learned how to tweak and tune it for its maximum performance. Eh?

Out of the box, every OS will run at about 30% of its possible performance. I'm speaking of Windows.....all versions.

Cheers mate!


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cyberformer    0

Hi! Andromeda43

A very true and excellent post!

I've found that the best way to run a 9x, or NT OS, starts After...

one adds a lot more RAM than what the PC came with, as well

as Removing various programs that are considered "integral" to

the OS itself, as well as the Crapware (if bundled with the PC).

I might add though, that I've really only had problems with both

the 9x and NT versions---once they reached the end of "Their

Life Cycle"...and the ensuing "end of software,

and hardware support" that eventually follows.

From that point on,

it usually becomes a real chore/and or challenge---to keep your

fine tuned and personally modified system "working".

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