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Access different databases from another database while not logged in?

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Hi everyone.

I got a idea which i could turn in to something useful, however i need to clearly understand how databases work. There is no illegal purpose with this.

My question is the following: If i make a database on my own server (for example MySQL) can i the export the data in my database to another database, whom i have an account in?

My idea is the following: every time your become unemployed (which i am at the time being) you have to create or update several CV-databases so they have the accurate information about your previous jobs and

what kind of job you want to search. I thinking of creating a database on my server and export the data to other databases, thereby saving time. Well, i am aware of this isn´t time-saving at the moment, but could it be?

If i create an account on for example three CV-databases, can i then access their databases by using their credentials from my database.

Like this: I create a user profile on a CV-database called "cv1", where i have the user name "username1" and password "password1".

I go to my page and enter which CV-database i am registered to and enter the above credential.

I choose to export my private database to the newly registered "cv1" (which is customized to this particular database "cv1" ).

When i successfully has exported my data from my database to "cv1", i can log in to "cv1"s homepage and find all my data there.

Is this possible, at all? Or am i out on thin ice here??

I have none experience in databases, just theoretical.

Regards, KlingKlang

ps. My mother-tongue is swedish so my writing may differ a bit.

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Well you can export the data out of MySQL (for example) and it would save it as the commands to recreate the data. So a file that was made by exporting a table would say CREATE TABLE. Now, MySQL and MSSQL is fairly similar in how their syntax works but there are some differences. It may be easier to use a converter (they must exist) that can change a MySQL query saved to a file into one that you can use with MSSQL. I'm not familiar with other DB solutions and I'm fairly rusty in both of the ones I mentioned.

But I have a feeling that there is a better solution for what you really want to do. There shouldn't be a reason to create 3 databases at all. It should be fine to just use one database. Database planning can range from simple to complicated... Some generic thing I came up with using 1 database.

Table for users (user_id)

Table for users job histories (user_hist)

The table for users job histories would have a field for the user ID number stored in the user table. Then say you want to look at the job history of User1, when that user logs into the website, it already would have to check credentials, so you can easily store the user ID number at login and keep it in the session data. So let's say User1's user ID is 01. Something like...

SELECT * FROM user_hist WHERE user_id = 01

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The reason for more than one database is based on that every CV-database has it own build. The different "Human resource"-company got their own system. So, what i want to to, i want to create an database that is completely based on cells, for example CV-database "cv1" stores their year-data like this "20121127" where my database store it like this "20" "12" "11" "27". Upon export to "cv1", my database combines the cells to achieve the same format as "cv1" got. So, the where the CV-database "cv2" has the same format as mine, the data would just be copied from my database to CV-database "cv2". I may have been unclear in what i want to achieve, so i try again. I want to export data from one database to another database, copying my profile data by data, through Internet using the credentials from the other CV-database. My guess is that the data i stored in kinda the same ways in all different databases, where years are stored as integers and text as string etc. The other CV-databases do not support import from other databases, thats why i want to access their database from my database with my data copied to their database in their data format.

If i updates my database, i want all the other databases to be updated by just clicking "export" in my homepage. I understand that i may have to customize all kind of export in order to achieve the right format upon export to the other database.

/Regards, KlingKlang

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