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i want to know that how i can add this type of boot image(give below in screenshot) to unattended xp cd.



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As a matter of fact that seems a lot a (BTW an IMHO badly designed) GFXboot image from a GRUB or grub4dos and has nothing actually to do with XP or any other MS Operating System.

Specifically the use of a bootmanager such as GRUB or grub4dos (or Syslinux/Isolinux/memdisk) is logically contrasting with the idea of "unattended".

These programs give you boot choices, and there must be someone "attending" the boot process in order to take these choices.

Of course you can add a "fully unattended" XP setup to a multiboot device, but his is not in any way different from making the multiboot device and adding to it a "plain", "normal", "attended" XP setup.



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