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Mirror Remote FTP directory to Flash Drive?

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I work in a break-fix repair shop. My co workers are idiots, and I usually end up picking up the slack. As such, (to make it a little easier on me) I have provided each of them with a flash drive with some useful repair tools. Usually, this means I also end up maintaining them as well when new versions/updates are released, or when I want to add a new tool to the library.

What I would like to do is simply set up an FTP directory with what I want to be on their drives, and maintain only that directory.

To do this I need a very simple, "set and forget" solution or portable program that can be run from the flash drives. What I want this program to do is (after being configured) be a "1-click" solution (as to not confuse my co workers) to check the remote FTP directory, and mirror that directory on the flash drives; deleting, updating, and creating new folders/downloading files as necessary WITHOUT deleting everything off the flash drive and re downloading the full FTP directory. (IE - Only downloading new/change files and folders, while deleting anything present on the flash drive but not present on the FTP directory).

If you know of any such solution program that has a simple interface and is portable, I would be very appreciative. I have tried out many programs searching for this. Most aren't simple enough or only offer backing up TO the FTP server, not the reverse.

I do not mind paying for the software.

Thank you,


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